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Resell Kings

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Making you an easy and reliable income on your own terms.

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Daily Profitable Alerts
Daily alerts sent directly to your phone or computer for items that will make you profit.
Resell Mastery Course
This is the ONLY online reselling course on the market. It will take you from A-Z and cut your learning curve by months.
Friendly Support
We will never tell you to "read the guide" or to stop messaging us. Our team has decades of reselling experience.
Private Community
We have an extremely positive and helpful private community. Everyone is there to help each other and succeed together.
eBay, Amazon, Local Selling
Regardless of where you sell items (or where you want to learn how to sell them) we have experts ready to go.
$1000-$3000+ Profit Per Month
You can easily reach these numbers with the information we provide. Our current members are doing it every month.
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Customer reviews
5 out of 5
(155 reviews)
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2 months ago
Best group in the game
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4 months ago
Made extra money my first week in this group, definitely worth the monthly fee. Alot of useful info and methods, I recommend to anyone looking to quite the Rat Race.
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4 months ago
Started reselling on my own after college and didn't really pick up until after I joined this group, made my 6 month membership fee back in a few weeks and have been doing great since then. If you follow the important flips, it's hard to not make money. Great ways to make additonal money by following crypto/stock plays and attending webinars. Recently started doing Amazon FBA and the group has helpful staff and guides for that as well.
How long will it take to make my membership back?
The short answer is this: Dedicated members will EASILY surpass their membership fee within the first week or two. The time and effort you put into your craft is going to have a direct correlation on the results that you get out. We have members making thousands of dollars every month, and we have members who cancel their subscription because there is “no opportunity”. You can decide on which one you’d like to be.
I'm a beginner. Will this group be beneficial for me?
Without a doubt. We have helped thousands of beginners take their reselling game to the next level. This is something that we take pride in, and we want everyone (regardless of skill level) to be as successful as they possibly can within our community.
What region does Resell Kings support?
The high majority of our information is tailored towards the United States. For that reason, we only recommend joining if you’re from the US, or if you have access to a shipping address within the US.
Is this the same group as Soflo Supply?
Yes! We recently rebranded to Resell Kings to appeal to a broader audience. This is still the same group ran by Soflo (Troy) and Titus.
About the seller
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Resell Kings

155 reviews

Resell Kings is a top-tier reselling community specifically built and optimized for business-oriented individuals. We’re focused on making our members as much profit as possible by acquiring and selling high-demand products. These avenues can include price-errors, collectibles, sneakers, tickets, Amazon FBA, vinyl, and more. Our team is always available to provide personalized advice and assistance regardless of if you're a beginner, or you've been in the game for years.